Putting The Value Back In Property

13th June 2014 in Cream Blog

We’re very proud of this recently completed print job. It’s the sort of piece we don’t get to do very often in today’s web-dominated landscape, but we were given a lot of trust and creative freedom from our client Green Properties, allowing us to produce something fittingly striking for the high profile sale of The Crampton Buildings in Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Working with Paddy Gallagher in Print Media Services we went with an unusual large-format size and a combination of die-cut lettering and a double-hit of silver ink for the title on the cover for maximum impact. The trust given to us by Green Properties to go with such a large unconventional format was well rewarded in the end, and both ourselves and the client are very happy with the result. The size makes a lot of sense in hindsight, as the specially commissioned photography and computer generated images are far more effective when all of the detail is easily discernible.

Paddy the printer was full of enthusiasm (and patience) throughout the entire process and has a meticulous attitude in his approach to his craft. We’re looking forward to collaborating with him again soon.

There were just 100 copies printed and Paddy is hoping to enter it in the Irish Print Awards. We think it looks superb and we think that when you’re promoting something special or valuable, the supporting material, like this brochure, should be special and valuable too.