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16 St. Stephen’s Green

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Cushman & Wakefield
October Investments

‘25% Georgian, 75% Contemporary, 100% Exceptional’.
16 St. Stephen’s Green is a unique building that brings the sophistication and beauty of Georgian architecture and the quality and convenience of modern office buildings together in one of Dublin’s most coveted addresses.

On one side overlooking the park is a magnificently restored Georgian building, originally built in 1779, connected via a stunning glass bridge to a newly-developed 7-storey office building overlooking the Mansion House.

The 16 St. Stephen’s Green identity includes a custom-illustrated ’16’ and an extensive icon family. A high-quality lay-flat, casebound marketing brochure was produced using fold-out spreads, copper foiling and metallic ink throughout, copper colour edging, bespoke infographics and original photography.

For the building wrap a realistic 3D rendering of the building’s facade opening like a curtain was created to reveal the scale and quality of the modern development hidden by the Georgian exterior.

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